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WHAT IS THE ANSWER? by Rev Dr Henry O Alloway PhD

The Christian Faith is the most fortunate philosophy in all the world. When any problem of any kind comes up, we have an answer that can handle any problem. Jesus Christ is the Answer!

In a book I have written, IT ALL BEGAN IN SLATE VALLEY, I tell the story about a preacher in a large church who said to me, "You say Jesus is the answer, just tell me one thing that Jesus is the answer to." I said to him, "What about the problem of guilt?" A light seemed to dawn in his heart. If a person simply has guilt feelings without being guilty, than a lot of personal understanding can be quite helpful, but when we are guilty it takes the blood of Jesus and our confession to cleanse us from that unrighteousness. Indeed Jesus is the answer for our guilt.

There are many other areas where Jesus is the answer, indeed, in every area if we are willing to seek his way. It has sometimes been true in my life that I have been so certain of my righteousness in a given situation that I saw no need to seek God's answer, I felt like I already had the answer. On those occasions when I have been persuaded to really seek God and his way in spite of what I felt, I found that my way was adjusted somewhat, sometimes even drastically.

The word of God is intended to direct our lives. To be submissive to the word of God in a particular situation is the growing edge of our faith. If I can surrender my will to the teaching of the Word of God, then I am better able to serve the Lord in the world in which I live.

Paul said to "Pray without ceasing." Every day in the circumstances of life opportunities come to me where I can act on my own or I can subject myself to the leadership of God. Many times I go steamrolling along and I am not even sensitive enough to the circumstance to alter my behavior and do what God wants me to do. When I act in this manner, it brings suffering to the whole body of Christ including myself.

Even when I have goofed, I can still recover if I return to Christ in recognition of the error of my way. The Lord is willing to forgive me and give me a new opportunity. If I do not have enough desire to follow Jesus to come to him in submission then I continue in the error of my way. When I am going the wrong way it is only leading me farther and farther away from Christ. The farther away I get, the harder it is to hear his voice, to follow at his command.

It is so important that we follow Jesus Christ in all things. If I fail to follow him, where am I going? If I follow him, what does he want me to do? I must bring myself unto subjection to Christ - this is not always easy, but it is always best. Open your heart to the Lord today. Let him direct your pathway. FOLLOW ON -- THE LORD HAS A PATHWAY FOR YOU!

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