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Welcome to the Church of the Saviour

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

We are a non-denominational fellowship and our members have all sorts of different spiritual backgrounds. Founded in the mid 1980s our founding pastor, Rev. Dr. Henry O. Alloway, PhD., had become a Methodist minister at 18 years of age. At one point, while he sought to fulfill God's calling on his life, he had an experience that forever changed life as he had known it. It was one of those things that divide your whole life into 2 parts.

Before it happened and afterward.

He received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

The incredible, moving story of faith and wonder is available for download at

This event led to Henry leaving the Methodist ministry and soon he founded the non-denominational fellowship we are today. After 63 years of ministry he went home to be with the Lord in 2013.

We believe that we are all members of one body and all are vitally important. Brother Henry said, "he was tired of playing church,". Since that time our mission has been to get the "real stuff". Our desire is to walk in the authority and the gifts that Jesus paid for on the cross and to teach the church who they are in Jesus and what that means. It is not just something to look forward to in the sweet by and by and it is not fire insurance.

The kingdom of God is manifest in this earth through the people, but it takes a leap of faith to act on the Biblical teachings and not just be a spectator. This is not a spectator sport. All are called to receive the gift Jesus gave us. All should walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is not for only the leaders of the church. We are all kings and priests unto our God according to His word.

If it is like you have just gotten the latest version of a phone and all you know how to do is use it to make phone calls. When actually there are a bazillion apps you can download and you can do anything on it. If you do not dig in and find out what you can do and begin to use all of what Jesus paid for you are missing out on so much. Come and be a part of a fellowship of believers that not only know the scripture and all the wonderful stories, but God works through them and they have a story and a witness of their own. Stop being a spectator and come learn what it is all about. Jesus did so much more than pay for your ticket into heaven and if you do not know about is time to find out!

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