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11 Leaning on Jesus by Rev Dr Henry Alloway, PhD

I do not have a dictionary available as I am writing this epistle to the church, but I would suppose that leaning on something would mean that a part of your weight would be upon whatever you were leaning upon. Thus the descriptive title, “Leaning on Jesus.”

I see a lot of needs where the whole weight of a problem would break a person down unless they find some needed help, an extra burden bearer, a load lifter, something to lean upon to take a part of the weight of their problem. What am I talking about when I talk about problems that people face where they need help? I’ll just mention a few that make a great difference in peoples lives. The very thought of them can begin to tear at your heart as you recognize the magnitude of suffering associated with them.

Consider an elderly person who spends much time in loneliness. Their spirit and their mind is very much alive, but their body has become weak enough that they cannot go where they would like to go, they become totally dependent upon people coming to see them. This can happen even with younger people whose bodies become wracked with pain or disease.

Consider the little child who is not able to understand an adult world. All they can see is that mama and daddy are having problems they don’t know how to solve. The child would help if they knew how, but their minds cannot comprehend, they only know the hurt they experience.

Consider the man who has lost a job. His family is dependent upon his income. He tries to find work but somehow it eludes him until the family faces financial disaster.

Consider the youth who has made bad judgements that finds them hooked on habits they have much difficulty in breaking.

Consider the young lady caught up in the communication of modern Hollywood and television that just in a moment of weakness succumbs to temptation and finds herself expecting a baby before she is married.

Consider the person who tries so hard and yet experiences failure. This can happen regardless of age.

I could go on and on in recognition of problems that I see people face. “God help us,” is the cry of my heart. I cannot change the circumstances people face many times because the human will is involved and we have to wait on people to change their hearts. I cannot change the results of a problem when damage is already done, but in every circumstance I can do one thing that will help people with their problems.

I can help people to learn to lean on Jesus. He is our burden bearer, He is our load carrier, and even when there is nothing He can do to change the outward circumstance, He will send the power of the Holy Spirit to comfort the heart of those who are willing to lean upon him.

Whatever care you have today, cast that care upon Jesus. He really cares for you. He really wants to help you, and as servants of Jesus Christ, we want to help one another.

Turn to a friend that knows how to lean on Jesus. Find out what is involved in learning to trust in, to rely upon Jesus Christ. Your whole world will be better when you learn to lean upon Jesus. God Bless You.

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